Professional Supervision - $120 per session


  • Michael has been successfully combining professional supervision with reciprocal mentoring supervision for over six years to non clinical community sector staff.
  • Michael is committed to the infinite organisation model that empowers staff through education, coaching, mentoring.  To gain the confidence they require not just to succeed but excel in their field.

For further information please call Michael on 0435 797 979


“I worked in a program that supported people experiencing severe and persistent mental health concerns and Michael was my immediate supervisor.  

Michael displayed great compassion, empathy and understanding at all times and went above and beyond to look after me and my own well-being. Unfortunately, during the time I worked under Michael, I experienced a very challenging time in my life and Michael was there to guide me through it. He allowed me the time and space to look after myself, and supported and mentored me until I was able to come out the other side. He is an exceptionally calming presence who has a unique ability to know what to say, and how to say it. 

I would 100% recommend Michael for any kind of Mental Health supervision, because of his support I had the courage to move to a whole new state and start my own very successful business, or else I would be the first to line up and have hi continue to be my professional supervisor!”  

Brodie Betts, Principal Coordinator of Supports, Ethical Caring Group.   

"Michael was my supervisor for 2 years ... I found him to be kind and wise. I felt like I could share anything with him and he would be 100% invested in working out the best solution for all involved. 

His reflections and guidance always made a lot of sense and left me feeling confident to face my job again. 

Michael has a calming effect on those around him with his gentle manner, encouraging nature and easy going approach to problem solving. 

I’d highly recommend this service (and use it again) as I benefited so much from my time working under him." 
Leonie Baker (Moss)